Acting is a tough but extremely rewarding, and most importantly, fun career choice. A lot of people dream to be actors and join the elite of Hollywood and Nollywood A-listers. A successful career in acting requires equal parts talent and practice with a bit of luck thrown in. Actors at work can be seen and heard everywhere: TV, the big screen, the theater, on the Internet, in videos and on podcasts.

We will train you on the rudiments, various tecnoques of acting and guide you on your journey to be a star and a professional Actor.


Directing, the craft of controlling the evolution of a performance out of material composed or assembled by an author. The performance may be live, as in a theatre and in some broadcasts, or it may be recorded, as in motion pictures and the majority of broadcast material.

Learn how to make a movie—how to shoot and direct a film. Learn filmmaking from the pros with tips on how to make your movie a world class production. Explore a range of filmmaking specialisms – from screenwriting to production to visual effects


Film editors are responsible for cutting and assembling the video and audio footage for film and television productions into a comprehensive whole. We will teach you how to edit your footage with software like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and After Effects and make your production into a lovely and appreciated video.

Do you want to become a pro in Video Editing? Do you aspire to be a movie editor working with brands and film makers? This is the training you need to get started!!!


Our scriptwriting training is a guide to teach you how to become a feature film or short film scriptwriter. You will learn how to write a film script; all you need is an interest to learn and committed to becoming a #scriptwriter.

You’ll learn from a mixture of basic theory, script analysis and practical exercises. ENROL TODAY!!!


This music training guide looks at fundamental concepts musicians use to understand, analyze, and create music. We will teach you the explanation of the ideas behind music and how music is put together.

Is learning to play a musical instrument a dream that you know will never happen? Well, as the old quote goes: “the distance between your dreams and reality is called action.” You can learn to play an instrument like a pro, and once you hear all the benefits that come along with playing music, you’ll be more motivated than ever!


Chorography is the art of composing dance and planning and arranging the movement, steps and patterns of dances. The technique of representing the various movement by system of rotations…Read more



Winfield TV is important to the learners involved, school at large and even the community. … It also instill and build confidence and self-esteem in the children. It also gives training on journalism to those involved.  Press club also does establish a culture of excellence.

Press Club/WinfieldTV will furnish the students and school populance with the information of things happening around then in the school ,within the country and the world at large ..

The Press/Winfield TV Club also impart and improve the writing and speech skill in the learners as they will be exposed to it… It builds their confidence in  researching, reading and public speaking… It helps their writing and communication skills and also help build interpersonal skills..

We are focusing on 

  • Newscasting 
  • presentation


This course is designed to:

  • Increase the Understanding of the English Language.
  • Develop proper intonation and pronunciation of words
  • Improve the quality and correctness of everyday expression.
  • Develop and improve communication skills
  • Build confidence level in every child.


Makeup has been around for centuries. People would do crazy things just to change their appearance. They would even unknowingly risk their health by using chemicals like lead and mercury (Healthy Beauty). It took years for people to finally become educated about makeup. Today makeup is an art. It’s used in various ways from basic everyday application to extravagant Nollywood makeup. Winfield TV Makeup Club will teach members how to properly use makeup. We will also teach basic makeup along with special effects makeup. Besides that, we will provide makeup application to the cast of club productions. This will be a fun group where members can express individuality and learn a lot. The point of Makeup Club is to educate in a fun, creative way. A lot of people are interested in makeup and many have careers involving makeup. Surprisingly, it’s a large industry. The club will be open to everyone, boys and girls. The club will meet weekends and It will run for the whole year. We are going to teach everything to know about makeup from what to use and how to use it. We will also teach everything from basic application to special effects designing.


Chorography is the art of composing dance and planning and arranging the movement, steps and patterns of dances. The technique of representing the various movement by system of rotations. The arrangement or manipulation of actions leading up to an event.

We teach Chorography movement in Schools and other organization, Chorography is about teaching the children movement of the body perfectly well, and also to make them to know more about Africa and other Country dance movement, as well. Why dancing at School or at home, Chorography also develops their dance skills and team work as well.

Chorography is a movement by group of people doing a particular dance at same time perfectly well.

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